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Shane Richards of the Toronto Argonauts relaunches 4Corners Wing Stop in downtown Calgary.

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

4 Corners Wing Stop aims to combine Shane Richard’s love for Calgary, his passion for supporting young athletes and some of the best wings in all of city.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster for many individuals throughout the country, and it's reasonable to assume that it disrupted a lot of plans and aspirations. On the other hand, some individuals were able to turn a negative event into something beneficial. CFL player Shane Richards is one such example; despite the fact that the season was cancelled due to the pandemic, he refused to stay idle. Instead, he made the most of his unexpected downtime and dedicated himself to bringing another vision to reality: 4Corners Wing Stop.

The idea for this new business venture was never meant to be a typical take-out restaurant: there's so much more to Shane's incredible concept than meets the eye.

4Corners is much more than simply a location to get some great chicken wings in Calgary's downtown. The goal of the organization is to provide a platform for student-athletes. Shane aims to put them in the spotlight online by creating highlight reels, interviews, and other social media coverage. Aside from individual sponsorships, 4Corners will be providing gear, uniforms, and training to numerous local sports teams. Promising to go above and beyond to be a space for student-athletes to access sponsorships opportunities while also assisting them in finding the precise level of support they require in order to succeed in their journey to the bigger leagues.

Shane has big dreams for his wings joint, just like the young athletes who want to break into sports one day. 4Corners, as the name implies, wants to open a location at each corner of Calgary and invite the community to participate in a unique way by holding a competition for visual artists to design the logo for each location. The local talent in Calgary is an important aspect of the organization's goal.

This project captures a lot of Shane's interest in sports and the arts. It has also been a great way to share his love for genuine Jamaican tastes, which he cherished throughout his life. For Shane, this is the flavor of his youth. Even after moving to Calgary as a teenager, he appreciated those well-known recipes and tastes. Food, as the saying goes, has the power to bring us all together. These wings are a link to Shane's family history and traditions in his native country of Jamaica. The recipes feature food that reflects family, happiness, smiles, and cherished memories with others. Now more than ever, individuals are rediscovering the importance of maintaining genuine connections. 4Corners is all about celebrating and encouraging young people in the community to do so too.

For fans, players, and the community as a whole, 4 Corners Wing Stop aims to bring together individuals who are passionate about athletics, artistry, food culture, and local connections.

4Corners community outreach is not the only reason it distinguishes itself amongst other wing joints! The use of whole chicken wings is a staple of their menu. 4Corners wings have unique flavors and aromas, which you won't find at other restaurants. Some competitors generally split wings into flats and drums; however, 4Corners uses LARGE whole wings, which double the fun, flavor, and overall experience! Perhaps being one of the only wing joints in Calgary to do so!

Although the original recipe wings have a lot of flavor on their own, they're even better when eaten with one of Shane's three distinct sauces: Caribbean BBQ, Honey Hot & Buffalo Hot. In addition to those sauces, 4 Corners' Jamaican-inspired hot sauce, which Shane says the business will bottle and offer for sale in the new year.

4Corners has recently reopened in downtown Calgary and is now located at the Ampersand Complex (formerly known as the Sunlife building).

Shane is very optimistic about 4 Corners' future prospects as he works diligently to achieve his vision, support student-athletes, form relationships, and more importantly, offer some of the city's finest wings.

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Looking for the best wings in Calgary? 4Corners Wingstop has you covered. We serve nothing but the best and biggest whole chicken wings in all of Calgary.

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